Filmmaker - Editor - Producer - Audio Engineer

Nick Westerlund is a dynamic, creative filmmaker with the ability to envision the genesis of a creative idea and manage conceptual projects successfully. Experienced in a wide range of film, motion graphic and video projects from their inception to completion. Ability to efficiently organize and coordinate shoots. Resourceful and innovative, producing inspiring works with little resources and small budgets. Knowledge and experience using a variety of production equipment. Experience with script analysis and providing input for any necessary script changes. Skilled at writing and editing scenes, treatments and scripts. Proficient in film, image, sound editing, authoring and mastering.



  • Location Scouting,  Script Development, Shot List & Storyboarding
  • Client Scouting, Client Liaison, Client Product Development
  • Travel Planning, Equipment Travel/Transport Preparation by Air and Ground 
  • Production Scheduling, Intern/Actor Management, Budget Management


  • RED + Blackmagic Production & Cinema Cameras + Canon & GH4 DSLR 
  • Field Audio Recording, Boom Micing, Lapel Micing & On Location FX Rec
  • Sliders, Jibs, Cranes, Fluid Head Tripods, Roller Dollies and Mag Mounts
  • Set Lighting, Location Lighting, 3-Part Lighting, Stage Lighting & Natural
  • Gimbals, Lotus Helix, DJI Drones, Glidecam HD-2000 + HD-4000 & Vest


  • Video Editing, Info Graphics, Color Grading, Motion Graphics & Special FX
  • Audio Editing, Mixing, Mastering, 5.1 Surround, Sound Design & Foley
  • Product Development, DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Authoring
  • Graphic Design, Web Design, Photoshop CC & Illustrator CC
  • Marketing Strategies, Advertising, Social Media Marketing & SEO 


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